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Come Play With Us In The Higher Realms

If you're tired of being pulled down by negative energy that interrupts your focus, throws you off track, and takes you out of alignment...


April 14, 2021 @ 2:00 PM (EST)
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Then You're In The Right Place!

You’re here on a mission and it’s your birthright to live an abundant and prosperous life.

It's time to stop trying to manifest the old way, instead, find out how to manifest through your Divine energy.

If you want to learn to consistently manifest results to create your best reality...

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This is a LIVE Class with Q&A.

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Hi! It's Donna & Lisa

We are Frequency Activators and Founders of Manifest Magic And Miracles, LLC.


Our “Secret-Sauce” helps our clients and students integrate and embody their highest vibrational frequencies so they can create next-level manifestations through their Divine energy. 


And, ​​that’s how magic and miracles begin manifesting!  


Simply by being at this Free Workshop, your vibrational frequency will rise -whether you’re live or listening to the replay.

That's why we're so excited to share with you

what we've discovered! 

During This Class:

We will be addressing what’s holding you back from making a quantum leap.

You’ll learn why you must start connecting with your multidimensional self so you can Journey Beyond the Veil™ to manifest through your Divine energy.

​You’ll find out how to go into the Higher Realms, beyond the veil where you can create next-level manifestations in the quantum field.

You’ll discover why you continue to struggle, trying to manifest from the old paradigm teachings, and walk away with a tool that will help you stop negative manifestations in their tracks.

We’ll share how to see your blind spots, shift your manifesting frequency and move past your blocks with ease.   



The #1 secret that allows your life to unfold in amazing ways.


How manifesting through your Divine energy is different and a necessary skill NOW. 


A totally new approach to getting the results you desire...effortlessly.


How to release lower level negative energies that creep into your day and how to rise above them. 

This FREE Class Has Limited Spots Available, 

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Join us as we

Journey Beyond The Veil

If you'd like to experience a closer connection to your Divine-self, know what it takes to shift into 5-D reality, and access the tools to Manifest Magic & Miracles™ in each NOW moment, you don't want to miss this FREE class!

Replay Will Be Sent to All Registrants After the Class

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