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Confusion Prevents You From Moving Forward & Reaching Your Outcomes

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Without Clarity, You’re Unable To… 


  • Focus your attention on the quickest way to move forward 

  • Know exactly who your audience is

  • Create compelling messages to attract your ideal clients

  • Show up powerfully to offer your solutions

  • Feel productive and on track

  • Know your best next steps to achieve outcomes

  • Manifest Your Ultimate Results

Stop Wasting Years Being Unclear!

In This 90-Minute Kickstarter Workshop


You’ll Discover:

  • The Power of Clarity & the Impact it has on Your Business

  • The 3 Most Important Aspects of Manifesting Success in Your Business

  • How Your Energy Causes Confusion & Keeps You Spinning in Overwhelm

  • How to Discover Your Next Best Steps 

Clarity shifts your energy into alignment so you can easily move forward achieving outcomes toward the success you desire.

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"The Power to Manifest the Business of Your Dreams

Begins with a Clear Vision."


~ Donna Burgher & Lisa Meisels

Hi! It's Donna & Lisa

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We are Frequency Activators & Advanced Manifesting Mentors for soulful female entrepreneurs. 


Our “Secret-Sauce” helps our clients and students integrate and embody their highest vibrational frequencies so they can gain clarity, align their energy and accelerate their success in their business & life.

And, ​​that’s how Magic & Miracles begin Manifesting!  



"Lisa and Donna have come together in a powerful way to provide a unique (and priceless really) service to women who are called to be a part of global transformation (and need to support themselves while doing it)!

Together they brought me more focus and clarity on how to strengthen my 'invisible' business skills!"  ~ Jenny Hughes

“I was feeling stuck in my business.  Within the first month I felt I belonged to this group of people who want to make a difference in this world. I have gained more trust in what I am feeling and now, I’m feeling more confident that I am right where I am supposed to be and that life will unfold as it is intended to unfold. ~ Lisette C., from Sweden

“Before working with Donna & Lisa, I was struggling to find the next step on my path and live my highest purpose. Within a couple of months, I gained clarity on my future goals, where my priorities lie and learned how to manifest those goals. I highly recommend working with Donna & Lisa.”

~ Lies from Belgium

"Donna & Lisa operate from a place outside of the normal, in their authenticity, their goal is to be support and guides as you discover that space that is right and best for you." ~ Meshea C.

"Donna and Lisa really care about their clients and want them to succeed.  They are delightful, knowledgeable, and easy to interact with. Their invisible tools are magical and the missing piece in doing business." ~ Maryam Nasr Sardari, MA, ATR

When you feel “stuck”, you will flounder, spinning in chaos and unfortunately, you won’t produce results.

If you’re not willing to endure the frustration, confusion, and self-doubt that arises because you don’t know what to focus on next...

And, if you’re not reaching the outcomes you desire...

It's time to gain clarity so you can move forward. 

Join Us To Shave YEARS Off Your Journey! 

By putting your focused attention on your best next steps you will create the outcomes you desire. 

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>> Dream Business Manifesting Process

>> Conquer Confusion: 4 Steps to Gain Clarity in Your Business

>> 7 Steps to Manifest Success in Your Soulful Business


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