The benefits of joining the BETA program

Divine Manifesting for Parents™

This BETA program is by application only. See link below.



When you embark on a journey of manifesting, you also embark on a journey of personal empowerment and spiritual growth. When you enroll in the Divine Manifesting For Parents ™ BETA program--you will put yourself on the fast track to expanding and raising your consciousness, which will transform your life and your children's lives!


  • You will be empowered to step into your unlimited potential.


  • You will become a conscious Choice-Chooser™.



  • You can have a positive impact on your children's lives.


  • Your self-confidence and self-esteem will soar.


  • You will become self-empowered.


  • Your level of conscious awareness will expand.


  • You will become a happier, more positive person living in the flow of love, joy, and abundance.


  • and so much more!



This highly transformational program is for heart-centered, conscious parents looking to embark on a journey of personal empowerment, spiritual growth, and are ready to manifest with the Divine.


This program is for you if want to be the best and highest version of yourself so you can enjoy and love your life--while being a positive role model for your children. 


Raising children from a spiritual perspective--such as teaching them that they are powerful creators, that their joy and happiness comes from within, knowing that they are responsible for their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions will completely shift the paradigm we have seen from past generations.


This knowledge is life changing. Empowering yourself and your children with these teachings has the potential of shifting the energy on this planet causing a positive ripple effect all around the world.


This is NOT a "parenting" program. This is a program for parents. Parents who

are ready to manifest with the Divine to create and manifest a life they love.

This is for parents who...


  • are awakening and conscious. 


  • have an inner knowing that there is more to this world than meets the eye.


  • believe in a higher power--God/the Divine.


  • have embarked on a journey of personal empowerment and spiritual growth. 


  • want their children to embark on a  journey of personal empowerment and spiritual growth.


  • are looking for transformational knowledge. 


  • have open hearts and minds.


  • want to learn how to Divinely Create, Attract, and Manifest™ their soul's desires.


This program has the potential to transform the parent-child relationship. You and your children will be on the same page, speaking the same "spiritual" language. You will be supporting one other’s dreams and desires; all the while creating a loving and supportive bond that will last a lifetime.     


This program will show you how to successfully apply spiritual principles, energy tools, and manifesting processes that will create a powerful and positive shift in your energy. You will learn how to raise your vibration up from the low, dense negative energies into the higher, finer energies so you can transform your life.


And, because I am an advanced Awakening Your Light Body teacher--you will also be receiving Energy Transmissions of love and light from me.

Here are just some of the many BENEFITS you will experience:


You will shift from...


  • a negative vibration and lack mindset - to a positive vibration and an abundant mindset


  • a victim's mentality to a victor's mentality


  • a feeling of being disempowered to being empowered, taking 100% responsibility for your life


  • having miscommunications to having better relationships with others


  • negative self-talk to empowering, positive self-talk


  • an unconscious way of being to becoming conscious, aware and mindful


  • being unhappy, worried, frustrated, stressed, filled with doubt and feeling overwhelmed to being happy, positive, calm, balanced, and having more FUN in your life.


  • an unconscious, "auto-pilot" way of living your life to consciously creating and manifesting your hearts desires.


This BETA Program starts with a 3-month commitment. The entire program is designed to run for 9 months.


I have designed the program in 3 sections.

Section #1 Create

Section #2 Attract

Section #3 Manifest 


Here is an example of some of the content we will cover. 


  • Raise your conscious awareness - learn The Awareness Game


  • Become mindful and in the present moment


  • Increase self-awareness


  • Learn about your Higher-Soulful-Self and your Divine-Self


  • Learn to listen to your intuition


  • Tap into your inner knowing


  • Learn the Hermetic Spiritual Principles


  • Learn Universal Laws


  • Learn how to merge spiritual principles with practical tools


  • Mindset Mastery Skills


  • Raise Your Vibration


  • Success Strategies


Throughout the program, you will get -


  • Guided Meditations


  • Affirmations


  • Energy tools - such as clearing and protecting your energy


  • Magnetizing and manifesting skills


  • and so much more!





  • A live virtual 1/2 day advanced Vision Board workshop

  • Monthly Q & A for group programs only

  • Manifesting Abundance Journal

  • PDF's of all my #1 Best-Selling books

  • Transmissions of love, light, and blessings from me

  • And other things that will surprise and delight you

This BETA Program:

Divine Manifesting for Parents™ includes:


  • 3 live 60-90 minute teleconference training calls on the first 3 Wednesdays of every month for 3 months


  • 1 Live Q & A call each month for groups programs only


  • 4 Energy Transmissions of Light - once a week


  • Accountability Buddy (If you'd like to have one.)


  • Private Facebook Group


  • The flexibility and freedom to take this program from the comfort of your home


  • Your investment in the BETA program will be 50% off the regular investment. 




  • Fun "OMwork" assignments to be completed.

  • 100% attendance is required.

  • Your flexibility with the flow of this BETA version of the program.

  • Be willing to offer positive feedback and a testimonial. 

  • This is a 3-month commitment--but you can continue on to complete the entire program in 3-month increments at 50% off.


  All training calls and Q & A calls will be recorded.


Here is your Peace-Of-Mind 100% Money Back Guarantee

If after the first 2 weeks of empowerment calls you decide this program is not

for you, send us an email and we will refund you 100% of your money!​

You have the option to continue in the BETA program as it unfolds at the BETA investment price.


Payments can be made in full or divided over the 3-months.

If you want to set-up automatic payments it will cost a bit more. 

This BETA program will be by application only. 


If you are interested in being considered for this program


Divine Manifesting for Parents™

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