The benefits of becoming a Divine Diamond client

When you make the decision to step into BE-ing an awakened, empowered, conscious creator, your world will transform!


  • You will be on the fast track to expanding and raising your consciousness. 


  • You will be empowered to step into your unlimited potential.


  • You will become a conscious Choice-Chooser™


  • You will gain self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness.



You have the opportunity to create a life you love that is filled with




This Highly Transformational Program is


for awakening, heart-centered parents, coaches and light-workers looking to start (or expand) their own transformational coaching business; empowering, inspiring and coaching parents and children.


Many adults who embark on the personal and spiritual journey find themselves wanting to help others. Becoming a coach is a fantastic career.


The intention and purpose of Shifting the Parenting Paradigm™ is to have children embark on this journey, via their enlightened, awakened parents - shortening the learning curve for our youth. Why must they suffer - as so many of us have?


This highly transformational, unique, one-of-a-kind program is the only certification program that offers you a “Niche-In-A-Box.” Let me explain, many certification programs teach you simple basic tools to become a coach. Often, you are left to figure out who your ideal client is and what niche market you want to be in. Once you decide, you then have to create the content, design the program, create marketing materials, etc.


I have done all the hard work for you. This will save you years of time and tens of thousands of dollars - if not more.


Having your own transformational parenting coaching business coaching parents and children, while experiencing your own personal transformation, is what you will experience during this 12 month certification program.


  • You will be trained to coach and facilitate programs that are specifically designed for parents and children.


  • You can coach online, offline and/or offer group programs.


  • You will teach parents how to Parent On An Energetic Level™ which is at the core of Shifting The Parenting Paradigm™ Certification program. The old ways are not working. It gets exhausting to ask little Johnny to stop whining and to put his back pack in the closet. 


This certification program is for parents, coaches and light-workers who want to shift the parenting paradigm showing parents how they can be happy, fun and calm while being consciously aware of raising happy, successful, conscious children.


Raising children from a spiritual perspective, such as teaching them that they are powerful creators, that they are the source of their own happiness, that they are responsible for their thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions, will completely shift the paradigm we have seen from past generations.


This knowledge is life changing. Empowering our children with these teachings has the potential of shifting the energy on this planet causing a positive, massive ripple effect all around the world.



“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


"It starts with you, the parents. Be the change that you want to see in children.”            

~ Donna Burgher

It starts with parents like YOU! 


Parents who ...


  • are awakening and conscious 


  • want to change this paradigm


  • have a knowing that there is more to this world than meets the eye


  • believe in a higher power - The Universe / Source / The Divine


  • have embarked on a personal/spiritual journey or want to 


  • want their children to be on a personal/spiritual journey


  • are looking for transformational knowledge 


  • have open hearts and minds


By becoming a certified parenting coach, you will be empowering parents and children to learn this life changing knowledge together. This will transform the parent / child relationship. They will be on the same page, talking the same language, supporting each other’s dreams and desires; while creating a loving and supportive bond that will last a lifetime.     


This program offers practical tools merged with spiritual principles along with energy light work that will create a shift in your energy, raise you up out of the low, dense, negative energies into the higher, finer energies so you can transform your life.


There is no other program out there that will LOVE you and support you like I will. Because I am an Awakening Your Light Body Teacher - you will be receiving Energy Transmissions from me.


Here are just some of the many BENEFITS you, your children and your clients will experience:


You will shift from...


  • a negative/lack mindset - to a positive/abundant mindset


  • a victim's mentality to a victor's mentality


  • a self-entitlement attitude to taking 100% responsibility for your life


  • having miscommunications to having better relationships with others and yourself (no more negative self-talk)


  • an unconscious way of being to becoming conscious, aware and mindful


  • a non-caring, "whatever" attitude to being more compassionate, kind, helpful, loving, patient, balanced, calm and centered


  • being sad, unhappy, frustrated and overwhelmed to being Happy, Positive & FUN!!!


  • an unconscious way of living your life to Consciously Creating and Manifesting A Life You LOVE!™


If you feel the calling to inspire others while creating an abundant Transformational Parenting Coaching Business filled with Joy, Prosperity, Freedom and FUN! - then this program is for you!!!



This 12 month Certification Program includes 7 Divine Modules:


Module 1 - Divine Awakening


  • Raise your conscious awareness 


  • Become mindful and in the present moment


  • Take your blinders off


  • Increase self-awareness


Module 2 - Accessing The Divine 


  • Learn about the Soul/ Higher-Self / Divine Self


  • Learn to connect to your intuition


  • Tap into your inner knowing


  • Parents and children will learn how to make better choices and decisions;                                                   leaving the unsafe and undesirable behind


Module 3 - Divine Enlightenment 


  • Learn the 7 Hermetic Spiritual Principles


  • Learn Universal Laws


  • Learn how to merge spiritual principles with practical tools


Module 4 - Empower Your Mind ~ Shift Your Thoughts ~ Raise Your Vibration


  • Mindset Mastery Skills


  • Success Strategies


Module 5 - Divine Processes


  • Meditations


  • Affirmations


  • Clearing and protecting your energy


  • Magnetizing and manifesting skills


  • and so much more


Module 6 - Empowering Coaching Skills 


  • Learn how to ask powerful questions


  • Learn coaching skills - listening vs. hearing


  • Learn processes and techniques to coach your clients


  • Learn how to coach parents so parents can implement these tools with their children


  • Teach parents and children processes that will enhance their relationship


Module 7 - Working With The Divine To Grow Your Business 


  • Learn how to attract your ideal client on an energetic and physical level


  • Grow your coaching business with practical tools


  • Guidance and support in setting your coaching fees


  • How to grow your list


  • Online and offline strategies


 Done-For-You Materials


  • Checklists 


  • Forms


  • Contracts


  • Handouts / work sheets


  • "OMwork" assignments


  • and so much more


  • You will receive the Divine Awakening Academy logo and tag lines for                                                          you to use on your website and printed materials




  • Special Guest Speakers




  • to receive leads from Divine Awakening Academy™ website


  • to be one of Donna's Lead Coaches


  • to expand your business adding multiple streams of income to your already growing coaching business


  • to sign up for the Awakening Your Light Body program


  This Parenting Certification Program Includes:


  • Live 60-90 minute teleconference training calls on the first 3 Wednesdays of every month for 12 months


  • Weekly one hour calls with your Mastermind Manifesting Group (the group will schedule these calls to meet 3 weeks out of each month)


  • 4 Live Q & A Calls with Donna - scheduled quarterly


  • 4 group Energy Light Transmissions - once a quarter


  • Accountability Partner


  • Private Facebook Group


  • The flexibility and freedom to take this program from the comfort of your home




  • "OMwork" assignments

  • 90% attendance required


  All training calls will be recorded.



Divine Awakening Academy

Transformational Parenting Coach

Here is your Peace-Of-Mind 100% Money Back Guarantee

If after the first week of training calls you decide this program is not

for you, send us an email and we will refund 100% of your money!



You have the option to renew your certification annually. 


You will receive notice of the renewal fee sixty (60) days prior to your renewal date. 


Payment of this fee annually will entitle you to the following benefits: 


  • An annual, mandatory, virtual VIP half-day which will update you with the latest materials and processes for the program


  • A directory listing on the Divine Awakening Academy™ website


  • The right to continued use of the program content, materials and logo

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a


Divine Awakening Academy

Transformational Parenting Coach


Please contact me at