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Future Visioning Masterclass
Meet Your Future-Self to Manifest Your Awesome Future

As you look forward, do you have a vision for your future or do you fly by the seat of your pants?


Do you set goals but struggle to manifest them into your everyday reality?


Do you feel disconnected from the Light and wish you could manifest with ease?


Have you been settling for, what is, doubting that you can manifest your awesome future?


You are a powerful creator. Let's begin by creating your future vision. I will guide you

on a meditative journey to meet your future-self. Once you have this energetic connection you will be able to tap into and visit your future-self as often as you'd like.


In this masterclass, WU Featured Expert, Spiritual Manifesting Guide, Awakening Your Light Body Teacher, Mindset and Energy Coach, Donna Burgher will empower

and inspire you to create a connection with your future self. Future visioning is a powerful, energetic process.


This advanced energy work will support you in aligning, amplifying and accelerating your manifesting success.

Click Here to read Donna's blog, Why Should I Meet My Future-Self?

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As a WU Featured Expert, Donna Burgher offered a brand new FREE masterclass, Accelerate Your Success: Manifesting MasterClass


This was a LIVE class that is now available as a replay. After you register for this class, you will have immediate access to the replay.
This masterclass is filled with valuable information and actionable steps that you can apply immediately.
Here is a short description ~
You have something amazing to offer the world! Your life, business, and existence are here for bigger things, you are certain of it! Yet, you awaken daily feeling overwhelmed, unclear, and you are trying to do too many things at once.
This is chaotic energy. The swirling of chaotic energy often leads to a downward spiral and you are left feeling negative and depleted.
In this Masterclass, Donna will share with you:
– 3 Key Factors
– 8 Principles
– 10 Essential Steps, when applied daily, have the potential to transform your business, your life and accelerate your success.

Here are a few Reviews

Excellent 5 Stars!!! 

Informative & Fun!!

This was such an amazing class. Donna is incredibly inspiring and she really takes things to a whole new level of excellence. I walked away feeling so uplifted and empowered. ~ Jenny Tasker


Excellent 5 Stars!!! 

Heartfelt and inspiring!

Donna Burgher is the real deal. She emits pure joy, pure heart, and pure passion. This was a very well-designed and thought out class on how to manifest your greatest desires. Filled with tips, key principles and actionable things to achieve your greatest desires. If you're looking for direction on manifesting, check out this heart-driven and inspiring class! ~ Shari Alyse

Excellent 5 Stars!!! 


This was precisely what I need today. I am very grateful for the loving and healing energy brought to this class and for the wisdom Donna shares regarding manifestation. She reminds you through her presence and words to believe in yourself and that you are supported. Donna knows what she is talking about and can take you farther than just the law of attraction. Thanks for sharing with us Donna. You are very inspiring. ~ Brynna

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