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into Your Business & Life?

We invite you to become a Premier Member in our brand new MAGICAL Method™ Program.


The energy on the planet has shifted and the Old Way of doing business will keep you in the loop of lack and struggle. 


To thrive in this New Energy, you must include these 4 elements in your business:


  • Practical Skills & Strategies

  • Implementation and Integration of Spiritual Principles and "Invisible" Tools

  • Expanded Consciousness to Reach Higher Frequencies 

  • Aligning and Embodying Your Divine Essence


The MAGICAL Method™ addresses each of these elements so you can thrive in your business. 


This 8-month, LIVE program will fast track your success by activating your highest frequency so life becomes easier, more joyful, and fulfilling as you learn to energetically magnetize clients, manifest prosperity and actualize your dream business. 

We have a VERY special offer for those souls, who are being guided to take decisive action and join us on this fun, high-vibe and magical journey to higher levels of consciousness to transform your business and life.

Before you can serve others from your highest potential, you first have to learn to

DO in your BEingness™ and you MUST be willing to take action. 


The MAGICAL Method

will activate you to amplify your vibration

and Light to the world. 


However, if you’re waiting to: know your purpose, be good enough, be successful enough, get permission or have enough before you step up to shine your light brightly, you may not be ready for this level of growth.


The time is now for people like you to be the leaders, step up and out into the world and do your BIG work!


It’s time to let go of resistance so you can operate at your highest power for your highest good and for the highest good of all. 


All you have to do to manifest your biggest dreams is to move towards that which you desire with commitment, enthusiasm and unwavering belief in your light.


If you have that, you’re ready for your next level of growth.


We are accepting

Premier Members by Application Only

The MAGICAL Method™ Program

will Activate Your Highest Frequency so you can

Magnetize Clients & Manifest Prosperity

To Actualize Your Dream Business


Our Method Includes:

1. Gain Clarity to Boost Confidence and Magnetism so you can live with conscious energetic awareness of how you’re showing up and who you’re BEing in every moment. Clarity is the first step to confidence allowing you to radiate your Light and become magnetic. 

2. The New Way of Doing Business helps you navigate your path through your BEingness so you know what your next step is in every moment allowing you to embody true success for your highest good and the highest good of all. Live by your truth by connecting to your Divine essence as it is your navigation system. 

3. Learn the Skills to Magnetize Clients by connecting to your Divine essence and your clients on an energetic level. You can manifest your desires by eliminating false and limiting beliefs, past programming and patterns that no longer serve you so you can step into who you’re here to be.

4. Align to the Highest Frequencies which is your Divine birthright. This allows you to live in the grace of the higher frequencies of love, joy, gratitude, abundance, peace, prosperity, and vitality which amplifies your magnetism.

5. Use "Invisible" Tools to Ignite Your Intuition & Manifestations. As you stay connected to a higher source, you become the vessel through which inspiration and wisdom flow, easily creating effortless productivity and results. Become courageous in sharing your unique brilliance knowing it is the expression of your Divine essence.

6. Amplify & Accelerate Your Abundance by moving into alignment, having faith you are being supported on your path and trusting that God is your source and supply. When you understand you are an unlimited BEing, you realize that everything you desire already exists in your energetic field, all you need to do is know how to call it in.

7. Master Your Energy & Transform Your Life. End struggle by releasing the ego, become the observer of your life and move effortlessly through resistance. Remember who you came here to be and surround yourself with other high vibe people so your frequency stays elevated.

MAGICAL Method™ 8-Month Program Investment: $10,997

But, Premier Members have a Special Opportunity, Right Now!


Early Bird Investment 


(You save $3,997) Payment options are available.

Full Pay Special Offer Investment


(You SAVE $5,997)

Premium Limited Bonuses

First 5 - Monthly Manifesting Circle

+ (1) 60-minute Private Manifesting Call with Donna & Lisa

($4,997 value)

First 10 - Monthly Manifesting Circle

($4,000 value)

Program Bonuses Included For All

  • Discover Your Dream Clients ($497 value)

  • Group Transmissions of Light throughout the month ($8,000 value)

  • 2 VIP workshops ($1,997 value)


Value of Bonuses: $15,491

Total Program Value 


Extra BONUS For Those Who Join NOW!

You will receive a

  • Private 1:1 Session (60-minute call with Donna & Lisa)

 in August to get a "jump-start" on manifesting your desires.) 

  •  Transmissions of Light 

(Value $1997)

and SAVE up to $21,488!



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