This journal is for girls & women

Ages 11 to 111

The "Manifesting Abundance Journal," is an empowering and transformational tool designed for daily use.

Benefits include:

~ honing your focus

~ creating positive energy shifts

~ supercharging your vibration

~ and manifesting a reality of abundance!

3 Bonus Gifts

FREE BONUS Gift #1 - Journal includes empowering and inspiring quotes and affirmations.

FREE BONUS Gift #2 - A guide to explain how to use each section.

FREE BONUS Gift #3 - Ebook with coloring pages.

If your desire is to create a beautiful, positive, high vibrating reality of abundance,

then this journal, used as a tool, will facilitate your manifesting powers.


Happy, confident, successful people know this “secret” and live it daily. Now you can too! 

"When you write, think, and talk about what you love, appreciate, and are grateful for, the more the universe will match your vibration and bring more abundance into your reality."

~ Donna Burgher
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