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We Teach The New Way of Doing Business:

You’re here because you are ready for The New Way of doing business. There has been a huge energetic shift in the world and those who are not on board with this new vibration will be struggling as they continue to use old strategies and ways of 'BEing'. In order to align and flow in the new energies, you must take time for YOU, for your connection to your Higher-Soulful-Self The Divine, for personal and spiritual growth, as well as time to reflect and rejuvenate. If these pieces are left out, you and your business will NOT survive.


We teach that "DOing in your BEingness" will shift your energy so you and your business CAN thrive. 

How We Support You:

We intuitively guide and support you to activate and align to your highest frequency, which will naturally raise your vibration and shift your energy so you can magnetize your dream clients and manifest prosperity.

We merge practical and magical processes so you can quantum leap forward creating success and miracles with ease, joy and fun; using “invisible” tools, so you’ll be able to amplify and accelerate your results without the hustle and overwhelm that occurs when you just focus on strategy.


The Ways We Support You: Free & Paid


~ Private Coaching/Mentoring with Donna & Lisa

~ Group Programs

~ Self-Study Courses

~ Workshops

~ VIP & 1/2 VIP Days

~ Retreats

~ Transmissions of Love-Light Energy

~ Free Facebook Group

~ YouTube Videos

~ Blogs


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~ Our New Show & Podcast!

Who We Support:


Spiritual seeking coaches, experts and heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Most of our clients have some experience manifesting but they are ready to learn more advanced techniques and are extremely interested in manifesting magic & miracles. What they realize when they come to us, is that without accountability, they have not been able to achieve the results they desire. 


Our clients want to be successful in their business by attracting more dream clients so they can manifest prosperity.


However, some aren’t sure how to manifest or what their next best step is to feel aligned and in flow. They are aware of universal laws and spiritual practices but they don’t know how to apply them to their business. They want to learn how to integrate them into their daily lives and they realize they need guidance and support to create an effortless business.


Our clients are ready to become manifesting magnets and that’s where we come in.

Working With Donna & Lisa You Will Learn How To:

~ Shift into the New Energy Paradigm 

~ Gain Clarity and Become a Manifesting Magnet to Attract Dream Clients

~ Create a Positive and Abundant Mindset to Manifest Your Desires

~ Raise Your Vibration and Keep it High to Enjoy the Journey

~ Expand Your Consciousness & Hone Your Manifesting Skills

~ Align to Your Desires and Learn to Manifest in the Higher Realms

~ Work with Light Energy to Clear Stubborn Blocks & Make Life Easy 

~ Become a Powerful, Conscious Creator to Live the Life of Your Dreams

~ Apply “Invisible” Tools to Quantum Leap Your Business 

You will enjoy the high vibes of happiness, joy, wealth, confidence, success, and abundance in your daily life!

Are You Ready To

Activate Your Highest Frequency To Actualize Your Dream Business?

Discover The New Way to grow your business,

in your BEingness, with joy and ease.

End the struggle and overwhelm, using "invisible" tools, to Manifest Magic & Miracles into your business and Life!

If This Is Your #1 Priority...

and you are ready to invest in a fun, high vibe

and magical journey 

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