Meet Donna & Lisa

Activate Your Highest Frequencies

Manifest Success & Create Your Best Reality Through Your Divine Energy



Donna Burgher and Lisa Meisels are Frequency Activators helping conscious business owners and entrepreneurs grow personally, spiritually and professionally by activating their highest frequencies to manifest success and create their best reality through their Divine energy.

Donna and Lisa’s gifts of Divine Energy Transmissions and Activations carry high frequencies of Light and have a positive impact on their clients’ energy fields and their physical DNA. The best thing about this kind of work is that it brings about deep inner transformations without their clients’ conscious effort, meaning without them doing or thinking about it, as long as their heart and soul are open to receive.

Their transmissions accelerate their clients’ manifesting success.


Donna’s gifts of Light Body Activations and working with Energy in the Higher Realms, and Lisa’s gifts of speaking channeled Light Language, and drawing and signing channeled Light Codes, creates their “Secret-Sauce” which helps their clients and students integrate and embody their highest vibrational frequencies. And, ​​that’s when magic and miracles begin manifesting!

They have merged their 60 years of extensive knowledge and experience in business strategies, energy work, healing modalities, metaphysics, manifesting and spiritual laws. Additionally, they are Alignment and Ascension Masters, High Vibe Reality Catalysts, Speakers, Workshop and Retreat Leaders, and International Bestselling Authors.

Donna and Lisa are International Leaders in Manifesting, Spirituality and doing business The New Way using Invisible Tools™. They are Business Partners and Founders of Manifest Magic And Miracles, LLC, and Creators of the Quantum Manifesting Circle. 

This Journey is Fun, Magical, and Life-Changing!

"We believe we are here on earth, to find joy through our service to others. We love being catalysts for Magic, Miracles, Love, Light, Joy, Fulfillment, and Prosperity. 

It is our vision to raise the vibration of the planet infusing it with more Love and Light helping others do the same, so together, we change the world." 



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