Meet Donna & Lisa

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Where Next-Level Manifestations Are Created!


Donna Burgher & Lisa Meisels are Frequency Activators taking Soulful Entrepreneurs on a journey beyond the veil where next-level manifestations are created.


In their Manifesting PODS™ their students learn to release negativity, raise their vibrational frequencies and align their energy to manifest success, prosperity, and freedom as they integrate & embody the magic from the Higher Realms. This is what gives them an edge in their soulful business and life. 

They are the Founders of Manifest Magic And Miracles, LLCCreators of the Manifesting PODS™, and 

Hosts of JOURNEY BEYOND THE VEIL Podcast. They are International Leaders in Manifesting, Spirituality & Soulful Business.

They have merged their 60 years of extensive knowledge and experience in soulful business, energy work, healing modalities, metaphysics, manifesting, and spiritual laws. Additionally, they are Alignment and Ascension Masters, High Vibe Reality Catalysts, Speakers, Workshop and Retreat Leaders, and International Bestselling Authors.

This Journey is Fun, Magical, and Life-Changing!

"We believe we are here on earth, to find joy through our service to others. We love being catalysts for Magic, Miracles, Love, Light, Joy, Fulfillment, and Prosperity. 

It is our vision to raise the vibration of the planet infusing it with more Love and Light helping others do the same, so together, we change the world." 

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