Meet Donna & Lisa

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Raise Your Manifesting Frequency✨ 

Gain Clarity, Align Your Energy & Manifest A Reality You Love!

Hi Beautiful Soul!

We are so happy you are here!

We are Frequency Activators and Advanced Manifesting Mentors helping Soulful Female Entrepreneurs who have been in business 1-3 years to gain clarity on their desires, outcomes, and next best steps to achieve ultimate results. We align them to the higher frequencies of success, prosperity and freedom so they can manifest a reality they love using our 5-C’s framework.


In our Programs, our private clients & students learn to gain clarity on their next best steps toward their soul-aligned desires, release low vibrational energies to get off the emotional roller coaster so they can consciously manifest a reality they love as they integrate & embody the magic from the Higher Realms. This is what raises their Manifesting Frequency™, amplifies & accelerates their results and gives them a leading edge in their soulful business & life.


We have merged our 60 years of extensive knowledge and experience in soulful business, energy work, healing modalities, metaphysics, manifesting, Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles. Additionally, we are Alignment and Ascension Masters, High Vibe Reality Catalysts, Speakers, Workshop and Retreat Leaders, Podcast Hosts and International Bestselling Authors.


We are the Founders of Manifest Magic And Miracles, LLC, Creators of the Manifesting PODS™ and Hosts of JOURNEY BEYOND THE VEIL Podcast. We are International Leaders in Manifesting, Spirituality & Soulful Business. 


We have combined our Divine gifts.


~ Donna’s gifts of Light Body Activations and working with Energy in the Higher Realms

~ Lisa’s gifts of speaking Light Language and drawing Light Codes

~ Both of us translate channel messages and send Transmissions of Light.

This and more is what creates our “Secret-Sauce”. 

As we began working with our clients, we realized we had been given a Divine recipe we now call our

“Secret-Sauce”. This allows those we work with to integrate their multidimensional self and embody their

highest vibrational frequencies and next-level manifestations.

This is so special and unique. And, that’s how our clients see Magic & Miracles begin manifesting!

~ ~ ~

Their clients get amazing results as they activate their highest frequency becoming more magnetic and authentic, allowing the essence of who they’re here to be shine through while having a positive impact as they enjoy success & manifest their dream reality, through their Divine energy.

~ ~ ~

This Journey is Fun, Magical, and Life-Changing!

"We believe we are here on earth, to find joy through our service to others. We love being catalysts for Magic, Miracles, Love, Light, Joy, Fulfillment, and Prosperity. 

It is our vision to raise the vibration of the planet infusing it with more Love and Light helping others do the same, so together, we change the world." 

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