You Can Raise Happy, Successful, Conscious Children Even in this World of Negativity

The world we live in, according to ancient teachings, is a world of duality.

This Spiritual Principle is called The Law of Polarity.


There is a shift happening…can you feel it? More and more people are awakening and seeking the truth.


Do you feel there is more to this world than meets the eye?


You may have been on a journey of enlightenment for years or perhaps, you are just embarking on a personal growth path; yet, you are still struggling with creating the changes you want to make in your life?


Are you aware that your negativity has a negative affect on your children? 


Yet there are days when you are not a happy camper. You are stressed out, overwhelmed and your patience is hanging on by a thread. Sometimes, you may even feel like going back to bed and pulling the covers over your head.


You know deep down that there has got to be a better way. You desire to be happy and you want to live a balanced, calm, go with the flow life that is filled with Joy, Prosperity and Fun! You want to create a happy, positive and supportive environment to empower your children to reach their highest potential.


I know you want your children to grow up: happy, successful, confident, caring, loving, compassionate and conscious ‘BEings’. 


BUT… with everything that is going on in this world, filled with Constant Negative News (CNN) what is

a parent to do?


Please join me and my colleague for this Enlightening FREE Teleseminar Training call on


 August 18th at 8:00 p.m. (EDT) 

Are you a heart-centered parent who wants to make a positive impact in the world, your life and your children's lives


Some Questions for you to ponder…


Would you like to be on the fast track to expanding and raising your consciousness, transforming your life and your children's lives; while abundantly growing a prosperous transformational parenting coaching business?


Would you like to have unlimited earning potential?


Do you like the idea of being your own boss?


Would you like the flexibility to design your work schedule around your children's activities?


How would you like the freedom to work from any place…your home, the park or the beach?


If you are already a coach, would you like to expand your business?


Would you like a “Done For You” coaching program - saving you years of time and tens of thousands of dollars?


Are you ready for your own personal transformation?


If you answered YES! to those questions then becoming a Transformational Parenting Coach is for you!

Please Join Us


My friend and colleague Patti Smith, Sacred Wealth Mentor, CEO and founder of Awesome Wealthy Woman International, will be hosting this Enlightening call with me on


August 18, 2015

8:00 p.m. (EST)


On the call, you will ~


  • Learn How To Quickly Stop Negative Manifestations in their Tracks, Shift Your Energy and Raise Your Vibration with  Donna’s 3 C’s Process. (Then teach this to your children.)


  • Learn the 3 words you and your children need to STOP saying to open the flow to creativity and intuition!


  • Learn How You Can ‘Earn Top Dollars as a Parenting Coach' by enrolling in the Shifting The Parenting Paradigm™ Coaching Certification Program

FREE Gifts for All Attendees

“You CAN be a Happy, Positive, Prosperous Parent!”

~ Donna Burgher

“Conscious Parents Raising Conscious Children Will Shift Our World.”

~ Donna Burgher

“You and your children can rise above the negative energy and consciously choose to 

Create & Manifest A Life You LOVE!”™

~ Donna Burgher

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