"I am so honored and humbled when I receive testimonials.

Thank you, I truly appreciate your kind words." ~ Donna


What people are saying...

“The Energy Shift in my Life - was Life-Changing for Me!


In fact, at the beginning of this process with Donna, I was very, very skeptical about understanding and learning about energy and my higher self. Things like awareness, raising my vibration, karma, ego vs. soul was off the reservation for me. I was told by Donna that the most important thing was going into this with an open heart, mind, and acceptance. Well, I kept an open mind and accepted Donna’s teachings and I was clearly the beneficiary. 


I definitely plan to continue working with her. I felt I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was dealing with many negative life-changing situations and Donna gave me the tools to sort them out and change my negative outlook (mindset) into positive energy which changed my life.


I’m now attracting positive energy. Which translates for me that, I’m putting out positive energy, which raises my awareness and vibration, so I’m able to create my reality. I even attracted my Soul Mate!


Pretty awesome…you can do this too.”  ~ MK

“Donna, thank you again for helping me realize that I need to do some introspection and goal setting for the business. With my lack of involvement, internalizing negative staff comments, and dealing with personal healing, I lacked confidence. Your words of encouragement, wisdom, and support have helped me back on track.” ~ JS

I was guided to work with Donna. I trusted her expertise. I wanted to attract students to my first energy class. I also wanted to move someplace warm but my finances were tight. After 3 weeks of working with Donna, I started my first class, manifested a free plane ticket and a free place to stay, in a warm state. It all manifested so quickly. When you apply what Donna teaches, your life will change! ~ SJ



"Donna Burgher is one of the most inspiring, loving and patient teachers I have ever worked with.


She has dedicated herself to uplifting and empowering children to find their greatness and has the road

map to living it.


I have had the honor of working alongside Donna, watching her loving gentle ways guide children to explore

their possibilities. She has demonstrated to the kids what integrity looks like. This has given them someone they can trust. Someone they know will be his or her champion for their highest good.


If you are seeking a way to communicate with your children, to give them tools that will help them make wise choices as they make their way in the world - I highly recommend working with Donna."

~ Denise Fournerat, Sr. Master Trainer - The Passion Test 4 Kids & Teens


“You are a Rock Star! I love your sweetness, kindness, and desire to help. You are gifted and I love your enthusiasm!” ~ JT



“Donna, You are Light! The love shines in your eyes straight from your heart. And you are a superb & effective teacher” ~ CS



“True to your heart you do so shine your passion to connect souls on a higher plane through love and service.”

~ AW



“Donna, Thank you for your light and for being so much fun. You make this place feel like home.” ~ GT



“Your love & dedication to the children and your passion for them really shows. Those kids love you.” KL










"Donna Burgher has enthusiastically embraced becoming a Passion Test for Kids and Teens facilitator. I saw her loving presence in action at a recent kids course that she assisted at in June 2012. Her kindness and love are so apparent as she worked with these 9-12-year-olds. Donna just beamed back each child's brilliance. The kids LOVED her! Donna, thanks for being a beautiful light for our kids.” 

~ Karin Lubin. Master Trainer for Passion Test 4Kids & Teens, Director of Passion Test programs

“Donna, you are such a warm & loving person. Your heart for the kids is such a blessing. ” ~ CeCe


“Donna, you have a kind & beautiful soul. You are so gentle with the kids.” ~ Luann


“I love & appreciate your enthusiasm in dedication to living your passions.” ~ ST


“Donna, your love & light fill the room.” ~ Celeste


“Donna, thank you for your love, dedication, and joy!” ~ Beth


“Donna, your joy is appreciated and your smile lights up a room!” ~EJ


“You have the warmest smile. Being around you is fun!” ~LN


“I love how laid back and open you are.” ~ MF


"Working with Donna was so easy.  Because I love so many things, I always struggled with knowing what my TRUE PASSIONS were.  With Donna's guidance, I was able to not only identify my top passions but also create a fun way to remind myself to choose to do the things I feel strongest about. Today, I am living my dream life in total alignment with what is most important to me." ~ Tonja W.


"Her Energy & Enthusiasm Are Contagious!!!" ~ Kelly G.


“You were one of the Angels that showed up when I needed you. I just want you to know you are loved and appreciated.” ~Sona


“You’re an absolute delight. I love your energy. I love your passion. I love your vision. I love your heart. I love the Light that you are.” ~ Rev. Anne P.



From the kids!


“Miss Donna has a very kind heart. She has a huge heart and she is very, very fun!”

~ Brianna Age 10 


“Miss Donna is helpful - she’ll do anything for anyone. She is really nice and she’s loving.” 

~ Dylan Age 10


“Miss Donna is SO nice. She’s always smiling. She’s always happy!”

~ Colorado Age 11


“Miss Donna is incredible, nice, amazing and like a mom to me. 100% family!”

~ Zach Age 12


“Miss Donna - you are out of this world.”

~ Ian Age 12

“Impeccable! Just Impeccable! You are amazing with those kids!

Your smile & loving presence is so felt by the children.”

~ Janet Attwood June 2012

 “Donna ~ Vivacious, Deep, Fun!! Loving & Beautiful

You are all these things!! So happy you are my sister!”

~ Janet Attwood April 2011 

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