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“When you merge spirituality with practicality...your life will TRANSFORM.” 

~ Donna Burgher

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Be a Catalyst for the Awakening…Become a 


Conscious Living Parenting Coach

We empower, teach, and guide you to become a Transformational Conscious Living Parenting Coach so you can

Empower Parents, Teens & Kids to consciously Create & Manifest

a Joyful, Successful, and ABUNDANT Life!

while building a Joyful, Fun and Prosperous Coaching Business.










This Truly Unique, One-Of-A-Kind, Highly Transformational

program, is designed for Heart-Centered parents who want to create and 

grow a Transformational Coaching Business...Coaching Parents & Children.


This program is for you if you desire to...


Make a Difference in the Lives of

Parents & Children

while creating a 

 Transformational Coaching Business

filled with Joy, Prosperity & FUN!!!



Shifting The Parenting Paradigm

Coaching Certification Program

Parenting On An Energetic Level™


Divine Awakening Academy


Does This Sound Like You?


Are you very concerned with the way kids are 'BE'ing today?

Have you noticed all the negativity that seems to be, ALL around us? 


Would you like to Join the Movement to 

Raise Consciousness for Parents and Children?



You may be feeling a bit dis-satisfied or unfulfilled...and...you may even feel,

as if, a 'piece' of you is missing. You are worried that the way you are 'BE'ing

will have a negative impact on your children...and you want to change.

You want to be the best parent you could be and you want to make a difference

in this world.


Are you looking for a fulfilling career that will have a positive impact on your own

personal and spiritual growth as well as have a positve impact on your children?



Do you want to...


~ be home for your kids when they get home from school?


~ have breakfast and dinner with your kids - as well as, tuck them in at

night after reading them a bed time story?


~ go to their baseball games, dance recitals and see them in their plays?



In other words, you want to...


~ start your own coaching business

~ have unlimited earning potential

~ have the flexibility to set your own work schedule

~ make a difference in the lives of parents and children

~ have the freedom to work from home, the park or the beach


ALL while being there for your family!



If your Mind, Body & Soul is saying YES!  


'BE'coming a Transformational Parenting Coach

is for YOU!



As more and more people are awakening and seeking guidance...this is the perfect time to become a parenting coach; as the need for coaches, is on the rise. Working with and being of service to parents and children will be Life Changing for you, your children and for those you coach. Working with families in this way will cause a Massive Ripple Effect In Our World.



“Empowering and Enlightening Parents to Raise

Empowered and Enlightened Children  

Will Create A Shift In Consciousness

That Will Change Our World.” 

~ Donna Burgher








Here are just some of the problems

our society is experiencing...


Children today are selfish, self-entitled and disrespectful. The negativity shows up as unhappiness, which leads them to make unsafe and undesirable choices. Kids

today play too many video games, watch violent and negative movies, watch 

brain-washing TV and is influenced by the music they listen too. They are lacking in emotional intelligence and their ability to tap into their own creative spirit. Constantly being on their electronic devices has caused a generation of kids to be anti-social. They are living life from their ego's and a lack mindset. Kids today are lacking in self-esteem, self-confidence, mindfulness, and they have a victims mentality...just to mention a few of the problems we are seeing today.






































































The old paradigm is obviously not working - it is...

Look at our children. 


How does that make you feel?


This is scary! These kids are the next generation and the

generations to come that will be running our country.

Things Have Got To Change!

We are not taught how to raise conscious children AND that is exactly what is missing in this world. Parents teach their children "normal" life skills...but now

it is time to Teach Life Skills With A...TWIST.™  


"If you want different results - you MUST do things differently." 

~ Donna Burgher

“Example isn't another way to teach,

it is the only way to teach” ~ Albert Einstein

There truly is a better way -

Join me in the

Shifting The Parenting Paradigm

Coaching Certification Program

Parenting On An Energetic Level

When you embark on an enlightening journey; you will transform your life, your chhildren's lives and this program has the potential for transforming tens of thousands of parents and children's lives all over the world.

Knowledge is Power - but if you do not know about this knowledge, how can you apply it or take the actions that can transform your life? You can't and then NOTHING changes.

You will learn how to apply Universal Laws, Spiritual Principles,

Mindset Mastery Skills for Profit & Success Strategeries so you can 

Consciously Create & Manifest A Life & Business You LOVE!™

 Divine Awakening Academy 

Transformational Parenting Coach

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